Let It Glow

These works are created with paint, ink, imagination, and NighTec® products.  NighTec is a company originating in Germany that specializes in photoluminescent products... everything from paving tiles to paint.  During the day, the products collect and store light (natural or artificial) and then in the dark that stored-up light provides a beautiful green or blue glow.  The glowing greetings, lettering, and artworks look great in the daylight too!

Greeting Cards that Double as Wall-Hangings

Need a present that fits in an envelope?  Try a hanging birthday card.  It fits in an envelope so it's easy to mail...but unlike a card, this is something that they can display and enjoy for years. 

Banners, Bunting, and Letter Flags

Got a message you want to share?  This type of banner can be reused and shares the message during the day or night.  A great way to welcome guests or surprise someone special. 

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