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What kind of artwork do you want to view? 

Bold & Colorful!


We all need objects around us that make us happy inside.  For me, that means a bit of color.  Paintings, drawings, coffee mugs, picture frames, flower pots...they are all surfaces waiting to become little spots of color, fun, and beauty. 



Ink & Sketchpad​

When it comes to portablilty, you can't beat a pen and paper.  With them, I can draw anywhere.  That's one reason why you'll see a variety of works in this section...quickly drawn sketches done on location, detailed drawings done over the course of multiple days, cartoons, comic strips, and more!



Let It Glow!​

These works are created with paint, ink, imagination, and NighTec® products.  NighTec is a company originating in Germany that specializes in photoluminescent products... everything from paving tiles to paint. 


The glowing greetings, lettering, and artworks look great in the daylight too!




I grew up with books.  I love to read them...and I love to be surrounded by them.  Libraries are one of my favorite places.  Should it be a surprise that I'm an author and an illustrator?  Probably not. 


Even if you haven't read one of my books, be sure to check out the extra resources available:  activity suggestions, coloring pages, and more! 

Enjoy browsing!  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing an artwork or print

or if you would like to inquire about a commision. 

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